Welcome to Psychic Development Mentoring

A 6-month Energetic Recalibration Program designed with you in mind …

Dear Coaches, Healers, Spiritual Entrepreneurs

and Anyone Who is Consciously Evolving,

What if you could learn a surefire way to activate and truly master your psychic gifts, once and for all?

Do you wish to confidently claim, embody and trust your psychic abilities, with unwavering inner authority so you can be of highest service to both yourself and others?

Do you envision stepping into true soul abundance; the next highest and most divinely-empowered version of YOU?

If you’re anything like most of my clients, you’ll see yourself here…

You’re drawn to – and have an endless curiosity for – all things psychic.

You know on some level that you’re psychic, but the information you receive is sporadic, inconclusive or sketchy, at best.

You have a niggling hunch that you may be psychic, but haven’t fully connected the dots yet.

You’ve studied endless healing modalities and know that activating your psychic powers will boost your results in each of them.

You yearn for psychic accuracy you can count on.

You receive psychic glimpses, but often wonder if you imagined them, or you question their source.

You have a hard time trusting your psychic insights and crave psychic certainty.

You yearn to feel more connected to your Soul’s True Calling.

You sometimes believe that psychic powers are reserved for the chosen few.

You want clarity around YOUR unique psychic gifts and talents.

You’ve tried everything but still haven’t mastered your psychic knowing.


and begin

receiving useful,


“I’ve known Lynn’s work for years. She is authentic and true to her vocation. My dogs love her!”

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Colette Baron-Reid

Best-selling author of Messages From Spirit and

internationally renowned intuitive counselor


“My psychic abilities have increased 100% … and I’m not the only one who has noticed! Friends who didn’t even know I took your training have commented on how much more clear and intuitive I am. My accuracy has skyrocketed!”

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Lisa Philips-Cardinal

Reiki Master Teacher & Certified Biofeedback Technician


psychic clarity, accuracy & trust


After teaching psychic development to thousands, over the last 20 years, there are a few things that I’ve noticed are common to everyone and I want to give you direct access to them:

Just Imagine…

  • Opening your psychic gifts in a way that’s in complete alignment with who you truly are, not someone else’s version of how to do it
  • Easily receiving psychic insight; regularly and on demand
  • Experiencing psychic accuracy and certainty that you can rely on and trust
  • Having the confidence that you are truly aligned with your Soul’s Divine Mission
  • Having constant clarity and deep inner knowing
  • Receiving information that is relevant, useful and actionable for both yourself and others
  • Having the tools to help yourself and others sail through challenging times, with ease and grace
  • Saving yourself time, money and wasted effort by ALWAYS having the answers you want, and making the decisions that are best for YOU

Why the Psychic Mentoring Program

Is Perfect For You Right Now

After working with thousands of psychics, intuitives and healers in over 52 countries around the world, here’s what I know and am thrilled to share with you:

The way your psychic gifts manifest is UNIQUE to you.

To directly and powerfully access your innate skills with mastery, you MUST first understand how to nurture them, in a way that’s ALIGNED wholly with you.

Divine Soul Expression is of utmost importance to YOU and the clarion call is only getting louder as time passes. It’s not going away. Learning your Soul Archetypes, and the role they play in psychic manifestation, heightening your creativity, and business and personal results is priceless.

It’s time for you to step out from the shadows and proclaim your power and master your psychic abilities.

And not “someday.” The moment is right now.

Are you ready to say YES? I hope so. Because MAGIC awaits you!

Somewhere deep inside, you know it’s possible for you; you’ve seen many others embrace their psychic gifts, and you’ve envisioned doing the same for yourself. The fact that you’re reading these words right now – in your current experience and consciousness – means that now is your time.psychic mastery is merely awaiting your next action step.

And yet… I can just hear your inner doubter say, “Yeah, but….” That’s okay. For just a moment, I encourage you to set aside that limiting thought because the truth is:


The only reason you haven’t, up until now, is because you haven’t been shown how to align yourself with them. It really is that simple.

Your time is now!




“I have just joined the Psychic Development Mentoring Program and have done the first activation for just eight days and I am thrilled, ALREADY! I have experienced wonderful breakthroughs, unblockings, and forward movement in this short amount of time. I cannot give enough praise to the Psychic Development Mentoring Program.”

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Lisa Robinette

“Your teachings have eliminated any doubt I had in my psychic abilities. I love them!”

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Kimberley Spencer

The Psychic Mentoring Program and all

BONUS pre-training begins immediately


A Privately Done-for-you Intuitive Chakra Report That Relates Directly to Your Psychic Gifts and Talents

(A $297 VALUE)

Your chakras play a key role in using your psychic gifts.

It’s hard to reach a new destination without a clear map of where you are right now; your launching point. Lynn will prepare an individualized written chakra report for you which lays out the current status of each of your chakras.

You’ll see which of your chakras are spinning in perfect fashion, and which require some additional energy work and balancing to be in the strongest most vital state, so you’ll know exactly what to work on to enhance your psychic skills, and as importantly, HOW to do it!

A Monthly Psychic Activation

(A $797 VALUE)

Each month’s Psychic Activation is unique and transformative, and designed by priority, with you in mind. Activations are encoded and calibrated to address and release the energies that no longer serve your highest psychic mastery, and then like a magnet, draw to you the energies that do. You will work with each Activation for the entire month.

Psychic Activation’s work on every level of consciousness in a profound, magical way; all that’s required is your commitment to allow and receive them. There will be a specific theme for each program month.

9 Member-Only Psychic Development Coaching and Q&A Calls

(A $697 VALUE)

3 live and 6 from-the-vault Coaching and Q&A calls offering unparalleled opportunities to receive priceless coaching and answers to your questions, based in Lynn’s guiding wisdom, to help you integrate the training material, and move you forward and into action and implementation.

Lynn answers your questions and shares her “behind the scenes” secrets and resources to accelerate your results so you’re guaranteed to have everything you’ll need to succeed.

There’ll also be opportunities to get open feedback from your entire community of spiritual entrepreneurs.

An Exclusive Online Community For Accountability, Inspiration And Support


You’ll enjoy a supportive 24/7 online community where you can interact with like-minded peers so you never have to feel alone on your journey.

You’ll use this community for support, accountability, inspiration and encouragement. Whether you’re feeling stuck and need help, or want to share a breakthrough, success or celebration, your community will be open for you.

All of your program materials including audio recordings and downloads, templates, exercises and activations will be posted here so you’ll have it readily available in one convenient place. We do the organizing for you!




bonuses to enhance

your learning

BONUS: Discover Your Unique Sacred Soul Archetypes/Soul’s Divine Mission: How to Tap the Power of Your Sacred Soul Archetypes to Reveal Your Unique Life’s Work

(A $197 VALUE)

Archetypes are sacred, inherent patterns and themes that naturally occur within. You’ll receive an in-depth Sacred Soul Archetype Assessment that when complete, reveals your key archetypes, and your individual Spiritual Contract.

You’ll unearth the divine essence and powerful force of who you are at the core of your being, and where you shine so you can align it with your vision and mission. This information is PROFOUND and comes directly from the soul.

You’ll also receive resonant words and qualities you can use, and related feelings to evoke, in everything you do, including business, writing, marketing, and copy, so that it all consistently aligns with your unique purpose.

(You’ll receive immediate access to this bonus so you can begin your assessment right away)

BONUS: Three Psychic Mastery Energy Clearing Sessions

(A $450 VALUE)

Over the course of this 6 month program you’ll receive Three Psychic Mastery Energy Clearing Sessions. These pre-recorded sessions will consist of energy clearing and attunements designed for deep personal and psychic breakthroughs helping you to release layers of old programming and replacing them with invaluable tools for success. This is the technique I use regularly myself to create all of my profound business and personal breakthroughs.

Clearings and attunements act on both the conscious and subconscious levels. I have found that the large majority of issues blocking our ability to move forward are subconscious in nature. In fact, even energies and blockages you are unaware of may be sabotaging you, and until they are cleared, their insidious frequencies may be playing havoc with your success.

BONUS: The Chakra Balancing Method™

(A $197 VAULE)

The current status of your chakras plays a huge role in the ease in which you sail through life, with all its challenges, not to mention how you learn and develop important energy management practices, and how you go on to cultivate your psychic and healing skills. You’ll receive a process you can use anytime to determine the current status of each of your chakras. So you’ll know which of them is in perfect balance, and which chakras require clearing and balancing to be in their strongest, most vital state. You’ll always know exactly what to focus on to enhance your goals and intentions, whether they be business, financial, relationship, career, family or other.

More importantly, you’ll receive Lynn’s energy protocol to clear any imbalances, so you can experience optimally spinning chakras, anytime!

BONUS: Downloadable Recordings of Every Psychic Development Open-Coaching and Q&A Call. Psychic Activation and Psychic Energy Clearing audios are delivered in both MP3 and playback formats for your convenience.


Even if you miss a call you’ll still receive all the valuable program information as all calls will be recorded and emailed to you in 2 formats, a playback file you can listen to on your computer, and an MP3 file which you can download, burn to CD, or transfer to your iPod.

You’ll receive each audio recording within 24 hours of the call.




Here’s Exactly What You’ll Receive

As An Exclusive Member of the

Psychic Development Mentoring Program…

Over 36 hours of trainings, energy clearings, and activations:

A privately Done-for-you Intuitive Chakra Report from Lynn

6 Monthly Psychic Activations delivered at the beginning of each month for 6 months

9 Psychic Development Coaching and Q&A Calls, 3 live, and 6 from our vault, delivered monthly

3 Psychic Mastery Energy Clearing Sessions, delivered over the course of your program

A Discover Your Unique Sacred Soul Archetypes Assessment

The Chakra Balancing Method™ video and workbook

Discover Your Soul’s Divine Mission: How to Tap the Power of Your Sacred Archetypes to Reveal Your Unique Life’s Work Program

MP3 audio, complete with special exercises

Program Recordings In Two Formats – MP3 and a playback versions

Psychic Development

Mentoring Program Schedule…

Your Privately Done-for-you Intuitive Chakra Report will be delivered within two weeks of registration.

Monthly Psychic Activations will be delivered at the beginning of each month for six months and can be listened to at your leisure.

Live Psychic Development Open-Coaching and Q&A Calls will take place Monday thru Wednesdays. Since we have clients in all areas of the world, class times will vary to accommodate each of the time zones.

It is not necessary to be on any of the calls live to receive full benefit from this program; you’ll have the ability to submit your questions ahead of time, and you’ll receive audio recordings of every call. You will also have the 24/7 Exclusive Online Community Forum for answers, support and encouragement.

Bonus material will be delivered throughout the course of the program so you know exactly what to focus on and when to do it.

I know your schedule is busy! Even with the profound life-changing shifts built into this program, it’s designed to take only 3 to 4 hours of your time per month, maximum.

Naturally, you may be wondering, Lynn, this sounds exciting, but what is my investment?

I want to make this decision easy for you. The true value of the energetic experience and material in this program is incalculable. In full integrity, I could set the investment at upwards of $2,900 but I’m offering it at a small fraction of that. Why? To make it easy for you to say YES, to the program and to yourself.

Imagine awakening just one blocked area in your psychic abilities. What would that be worth to you? Now multiply that by 10, because the results of this deep transformative and encoded energy work are exponential. Once set in motion, this work propels itself, working on your behalf to attract even more! Calling this life changing is an understatement as you’ll soon experience for yourself if you say “YES!”.




“Lynn, your integrity, leadership, clairvoyance, and nurturing are inspiring. As a result of your program my psychic skills have more than doubled, and I use them daily in my life and business. Thank you for being the wonderful, inspiring, empowering and intuitive being that you are.”

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Marina Duskov

Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant


“I can see the difference after the activations. I am also a student in Lynn’s Animal Energy® Certification Training program and it has completely aided my Animal Communication goals as well! I should have taken the Psychic Development Mentoring program first.”

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Barbara Hutson

“Your program was magical. I used to think that I wasn’t psychic but have now fully embraced my gifts.

The energy activations you included were subtle yet powerful….opening up my channels more and more, and I LOVED how you addressed all of our doubts and concerns so brilliantly!!”

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Linda Pizzale

Speaker, Coach & Trainer

"I believe in your gifts and I trust you like no other."

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Kendall Summerhawk

The Leader In Certified Business and Money Coach Training For Women



and the universe answered

with this invitation …


Get Started Now

To SAVE $100 register NOW for our Accuracy on Demand webinar here


$797 (Regularly $1,997)



Get started now for

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(I understand all payments are due and payable)

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are to illustrate potential results, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.





PS: If the Psychic Development Mentoring program resonates with you… then there’s a part within that deeply desires to expand, up-level, and hone these skills to create a life that truly honors your highest potential. Honor that part of you by making the decision that you’re worth it.

Change and growth starts with awareness, clarity and decision. You will learn so much about yourself, your gifts and your dreams by taking this first step!

But please don’t put it off – to be eligible for the extra-special savings you must register by midnight Pacific Time TONIGHT. I want you to receive every benefit that’s being offered in the full program.

PSS: Questions? Please email us right away: Team Lynn

"Through my years in practicing and teaching Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis as Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, and most recently in practicing and teaching Professional Coaching, I know Lynn as one of the more accomplished professionals I have had contact with. I highly and unequivocally recommend her."

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David Krueger, MD

Dean of Curriculum, Coach Training Alliance, Executive Coach


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